14 August 2013

Baby at 21 weeks

Just a quick post tonight. We got to see our baby for the first time today. Patrick knows the gender. I do not. And we are very happy that way! Now how adorable is that profile! The tech said everything looks healthy as far as she could tell and that the little one is measuring within a day of its estimated due date (Christmas Eve). The whole time during the ultrasound it was moving its hands all around and kicking its little feet. Patrick almost didn't get to learn the gender because the little one wouldn't cooperate and kept turning around. It even stuck the umbilical cord between its legs. Such a little rebel already. Couldn't love it more.


  1. Yes, gorgeous profile and how funny it kicked and squirmed around so as to not be seen..haha. WOW about Patrick knowing the gender and you not. How can he stand it? Will he really be able to not give you even the slightest hint. But its totally cool that he and baby already have a special bond. So excited to know too...does Patrick accept cash or credit?
    Love you all!!

  2. Haha I'm sure he'd accept either but that doesn't mean he'll tell you. :) So far he's loving his little secret with the baby. I don't see him blabbing anytime soon.

  3. I loved my mid-pregnancy ultrasound! It was so amazing!

    And thanks for listing my blog as a favorite ;)